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Little Dragon (London)

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is going to include lots of videos and a few pictures, all from my phone. Last Thursday me and Tom left early to catch a coach to London. We arrived in London around half 1 found our hotel and then went to explore the area a bit. That evening we headed to Brixton to see Little Dragon perform in the O2 Academy. I wasn't too sure what to expect as it wasn't really the kind of thing me and Tom usually go to, but it was so so good and everything I usually want from a night out! 

Little Dragon were amazing. Yukimi's voice sounds exactly the same as on the tracks and the music live was even better! It was so electro and techy. Towards the end Yukimi even went off the stage to let the band smash out a techno set, it was amazing! Anyone who hasn't heard of Little Dragon truly needs to look up their music. I first fell in love with them after hearing their album called 'Little Dragon' which is more instrumental and chilled, but I love where their music is going in their new album 'Nabuma Rubberband'.
Here are some videos I took throughout the night, all 15 seconds long because I have to edit them through Instagram or they play horizontally! Doh! 
Hope you enjoyed all the videos + pics, sorry they're not the best of quality and only snippets. But I wanted to show you my night and pretend you were there ^_^ Here are also a few more pics I took whilst in London :)
We went for some food in this very thin pub! 
 The Science Museum :)

More posts coming soon! 
Take care and Happy 1st of December!!!

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