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Paris Day Four: Champs d'Elysee and the Arc de Triomphe

I'm so fed up of sitting around pretending like I'm getting things done. No! It's New Years Eve and if 2015 is going to bring anything new, its going to bring me getting off my arse and doing what I need to do.

I've just ordered more photos for my wall, Sunday I'm going to buy a new shelf, tomorrow I'll order my Europe map and today I'm going to work on my photo albums, visit Agnese and write this blog post!!!

I'm so excited for a new year, I don't know why really I just feel like this past year I've grown up so much and I'm just so ready to have a whole year ahead of me to plan more things and to make more leaps and bounds, hops, skips and jumps through life. Does what I'm writing make sense? Does it matter?

Ok so enough of the babbling today I want to do another Paris post! 
Paris Day Four!!
Forgive me because I'm not too sure what we did during the day, I'm sure I'll remember as I write. 

Our fourth day in Paris was a Sunday. Sunday was a rainy day so we decided that we would stay local and maybe visit a Museum, except it would seem every other tourist in Paris had a similar idea. So considering that the queues were not worth it, we just stayed local, had some lunch in a cafe and then walked around a bit. Nice, simple and romantic. 
We headed back to the apartment and then stayed in until early evening. That evening we took a metro to Champs d'Elysee and walked down a giant road with loads of Christmas stalls and fancy shops (you know the one I'm on about) it was so crowded but seemed to hold a nice Christmassy atmosphere. We looked in shops, even slid down a giant slide and carried on walking until we reached the Arc de Triomphe! After some persuasion I convinced Tom to cross over to get a closer look, which included a climb to the top and a lovely view over Paris. Here a few pics.
In the gift shop we bought Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe shaped pasta then took a tube home. Dinner was served and a good nights sleep was slept. Onto Monday, our last day in Paris!! Time really does fly...

All done my last post of 2014. Emotional much? Do I have to tell you that 2014 has been a good year? It's been a fucking amazing year! Its been the year of travelling, wild nights out, festivals, new jobs, new friends, film photography and so much more! So much has happened and its all gone so quickly. I'm excited for a new year. Me and Tom are calling it a year of saving money. As well as going to 3 festivals (2 abroad)... Who knows what 2015 is going to bring, but I'm happy to be bringing this year to a close. What am I doing for New Years you may wonder (you're probably not wondering at all) well, I'm doing nothing! I finish work at 10pm and will be getting a lift to Penarth where I'll be spending midnight with Tom in bed, and to be honest. I couldn't be more excited ...

I hope everyone has had a good year and is excited as I am for the new year to come. Horray *-*


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