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Paris Day One and Two: Settling In and the Louvre

Hello and welcome to the beginning of my Paris posts!! 
I couldn't wait any longer to start these posts so here we go! 

Day One in Paris was mostly travelling. We had an evening flight so didn't get into Paris until around 9pm. We then had to catch a train to our area and find our apartment. Which included trying to figure out how to get inside it... Finally we made it and awaiting us was a stylish, open planned studio apartment. It was lush! The living space was big and open with the kitchen just around the corner and the bedroom divided by sliding doors. We made it to the apartment around 10pm, so it was too late to do any food shopping, instead we spotted a handy Mcdonalds restaurant on the main street next to our apartment. So we decided to venture out and pick up some grub. I was so excited to try out my Francais for the first time, I had it all planned out in my head.. Go to the counter, begin my sentence... But of course she was American and jumped straight into speaking English... Thanks a lot -_- 
 Bon appetite!

After our 5 star meal we slept. The next day we met someone from the apartment company to sign some forms and then got ready for the day ahead. Tourist Attraction One: the Louvre... Here are a few pics from our day out.
 Our first meal out!

First post over! Short and sweet I know but to be honest I didn't take a ridiculously large amount of photos while in Paris!! Especially not on my Nikon. Just an FYI, these photos are from my Nikon camera and my phone. So that's why there is quality variations. Hope you enjoyed the photos none the less and look out for my next post!!
Lots of Love!!

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