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Paris Day Three: Tour de Eiffel!

Our third day in Paris was our anniversary. One year of me and Tom knowing each other. One year. Only one year, it feels so much longer! To think of a time before I knew Tom seems strange, yet it wasn't that long ago! I'm so happy with all that we've done this year. We've been to so many night outs, seen so many DJs live, gone on so many adventures here in the UK and out in Europe. I can't get over the fact that we've been abroad on 4 different occasions in the space of 9 months!! Its so good. And whats even better is that we have so much planned for next year and the many more years to come. Marvelous, darlings. 

Anyways back to this special day in Paris. We had a bit of a lie-in and then opened our presents to one another. Tom gave me the most beautiful London Blue Topaz necklace. I could stare at it forever!!! We then had some breakfast etc etc etc and got ready to go to the Eiffel Tower around midday! 
I can't believe how lucky we were with the weather!! The weekend we were stayed was forcasted to be cloudy/rainy, but by some miracle there was blue sky on the Saturday!! We took the underground there which was super fun and then proceeded in queuing (which wasn't that long) and beginning our grand climb to the top - there is a.l.o.t of stairs...
This was horrible! Made my legs super weak...

We headed home around when the sun was setting and began getting ready for our evening meal. 
yum yum yum!

More posts coming soon sweetpeas!
I got film developed today + need to pick it up Monday.
Its black and white


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