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What I Did In November

I'm so desperate to write right now I'm using Facebook Notes to write this at Tom's because I can't access my blogger account at his. I feel like I haven't written in ages. I hate it when I don't write in a while. Last week between the dates of Thursday 4th December and Monday 8th December me and Tom were in Paris, the city of love. We went for our 1st year anniversary together and it was perfect. We stayed in such a nice open apartment which was right in the center of Paris. It was so nice heading out for a walk somewhere, jumping on the metro to explore Paris. We went up the Eiffel Tower, went underground in the Louvre, climbed up the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dam, and ate out almost every day. A long weekend away was the perfect amount of time for the perfect holiday. 

But now we are back, and I was thrown straight back into work with 6 shifts in 4 days! Today has been my first day off since I got back from Paris, I woke up 11.30am which was nice and late for me and now I'm sitting typing this before I get ready for my busy day ahead. Tonight myself, Tom and Rose are catching a Megabus to Bristol. There we're going to meet Agnese, Ruba and Reem and head to motion later in the night. Talk about a night out!! I'm so excited, not only have I brought all my closest friends together to go Motion, but we all literally haven't seen each other in months. Agnese living in London now, I haven't seen her since Halloween. Ruba and Reem living in Bristol whome I haven't seen since some point in the summer!!!! On top of all that the DJs playing in Motion are two I've really wanted to see. Detroit Swindle and Tensnake. I'm so excited for tonight and so glad I'm going to be spending it which my closest friends and amazing boyfriend. 

I guess this post is just a chance to write whats been going on, the thought of waiting until Monday before I can sit down and do a proper blog post made me sad, so I thought I would take this day off as a chance to write something. Next week hopefully I'll be able to start on my Paris blog posts, I went through 2 rolls of 36 frame films, took 3 instant photos and took just under 100 on my DSLR. I also want to make a blog post out of tonight, and I want to upload my mobile photos into a blog post. So I should be a busy blogging bee hopefully!

Can I just say on top of all this, I want all of you to check out my bestest friend, Aggie's blog:
Her photography is amazing and the way she writes is so lovely! I think she deserves way more views than she gets at the moment so check it out :*

Oups forgot to post this when I got home on Saturday... So here it is on Monday with some photos?! That I have taken on my phone throughout the month of November :)

Halloween ^_^
 Ballerina bunnies in Motion
 Bonfire Night
 Cefn Onn
 Skippy looking weird
 Me being weird
 Night out in Welsh Club
 My Lomo Instant!!
 Tom looking cute on the way to London

Much love munchkins!
I'll be posting soon!! 

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