Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What I Did In October

Ok so all I need to do is sit here and chuck out a post. Fuck why has this been so difficult. Where has my enthusiasm for blogging gone, I feel like I've lost it... No!! No I haven't I swear :'( Its just wandering. This damn phone is taking over my life ¬_¬ but alas it is now the only way to show you what has been going on in my life. I'll try to get better I swear. The way I'm seeing things at the moment is that I'm not too fussed on taking photos with my DSLR, I dunno why I'm just not :\ Maybe its time for a new one or just a break. What I do want to be doing is still be taking photos on my film cameras (and I am kind of I swear) well I'm trying to take photos whenever I do things which doesn't seem to be often lately, and I mean daytime things because well I don't currently have a film camera that takes good quality photos at night time or when I'm out at events - which to be fair is what I've been doing the most lately. I'm babbling, yes I know I'm babbling because I need to get this frustration out of my facking system. I even tried writing a blog post on my iPhone the other day, has anyone even tried that? Its the most stupidly difficult thing ever and only made me more frustrated with myself. I promise I am trying to get better.. Who am I even saying this too? Who cares if I'm trying to get better or not, ahaha I think I'm just trying to convince myself these things. Maybe it'll work. Anyways, I am trying to get better. But at the moment I just kind of feeling taking photos on my film cameras at the moment. Maybe not necessarily develop them straight away a) because heck who needs to rush they're not going any where and b) yep I have no money..... So ima just keep snapping and then it'll be a pleasant surprise some point in the future because I'll have forgotten everything I took photos of. 

So so so what is going to be in this post. Yep you guessed it, photos from my phone. I was going to do videos as well but I'm being lazy and it takes SO LONG to convert videos and then upload them and I really don't have the time of day to do that shit anymore. Got places to be and all that jazz. So here is a super quick round up of what my life has been like this past month or so. Tadaaaaa!!!
All these photos are taking in October by. the. way.
 Me and Bella are best friends as you can see.
 The weather is cloudy in this photo. Yep.
 Cool. Rain.
 Cool. Clouds...
 Yum, yum.
 More clouds. Cool.
 Eats Everything in Student Union (fuck Student Union)
 Skippy why are you so adorable?
 iPhones make your hands grow in size...
 Why hello there Aggie!!
 Oh lawd this was so good.
 Its Autumn now, see ^
 Bathroom, you're looking pretty green ^_^
 Skippy I could eat you.
 Sunset. Pretty.
 I look like the girl off the grinch, haha.
 New dress pour moi.
 Getting ready for Hot Creations in Motion, Bristol.
 Cool decorations in Motion.
 Scared to leave the room.
 This is what a lot of dancing looks like...
 Yep I take selfies now, urh.
 Guess whose back in London (me)
 Why can't houses in Cardiff be this cute?
 20 Years of Jungle in The Forum, London.
 Dis guy... >u<
 The happy lady with balls in her hand makes me want to be as happy as her.
 Yay I finished diary number five!!
 C'est moi today.

Ok thats it, thats all I have for you... at least I can feel a bit better about doing a post, I know its nothing good or exciting but its something. Hopefully I'll get round to doing a real one soon.. maybe/maybe not.
Halloween this weekend is due to be exciting one so I'll try post pics from all the shinanigans.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Boomtown on the Minolta

There's hardly any, which is a disappointment. But here are the photos I took on my Minolta throughout Boomtown Fair :) 
I'm so glad Kaiya was at the festival with us! Her face is not one I get to see often and it was so good to spend a few days with her. :)
Need to stop being afraid to use up shots on a reel of film!! The more images the better Louise! 
Lots of love!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Boomtown Fair 2014

Hello and welcome to my big, big post showing you in images and videos my first ever festival experience. 
I can't quite put into words how long it has taken me to pluck up the courage to start this post, sort between two files of lots and lots of images, attempt to upload photos with an uncertain internet connection, chose and convert video files and then finally begin adding text to this post. Sometimes I think I put way to much effort into things like this, but I know someday in the distant future I will look through this post and be glad I put so much time into it.
DAY ONE started off with me catching the Boombus coach from Cardiff all by myself. After a very, very long journey I made it to the festival car pack. It was there I had to try and find Agnese (who had caught the Boombus from Bristol) amounst 1000s of other people. Thankfully I spotted her waving and calling me from the queue -sneaky queue jump!- I joined her and together we waited for Kaiya to arrive and join us. The queue was long, oh so long.. and we hadn't even been in it from the start! Poor Agnese had to wait next to the queue for us to arrive for 2 or 3 hours. We must of been in the queue for atleast 1 and a half - 2 hours. As you can see in the images below it was crazy long.
Once we got through all the ticket and security checks this is what we came out to. The beginning of our hunt to find a camping spot. The area you can see in the image above is sort of the entrance to the festival and the area we wanted to get to (Trench Town) was waaaay further back. Let me show you better with a map :)
Here, we started off at the BOOMBUS DROP OF POINT and needed to get to TRENCHTOWN CAMPING. If you can see well enough on this map it was basically missions!!
Agnese was the first to fall over!
Here is our camping spot! (The view we had from inside the tent) It was lovely because you we were on a hill you could see the surrounding fields ^_^
DISCLAIMER: Some of these images are my friend Agnese's. She is a very talented photographer and if you like what you see I very much recommend you checking out her photography page. I don't want to take credit for any of the photos she has taken so just to aware everyone - not all these photos are mine :)
Once we had set up camp and gotten our selves ready, we set off into the night to go find the marvelous music we could hear blasting throughout the fields.
And here it is! The likes of Ed Solo blasting Drum and Bass in a forest. Magical!!
We found this lovely Cardiffian chicka, Mair and danced away with her.
The Arcadia Spider, showing off its lazers and flames.
DAY TWO began probably earlier than you would of thought (around 9am). The Wailers were playing at 12, so us girls wanted to make sure we were up and ready. We went to the toilets and for a wander to see a bit of the festival for the first time properly during the day.
We decided to chill and drink some coffee in this little area, none of the beds were free so we sat down on one of the bench things.
We went for a quick stroll up town to look about and withdraw some cash..
Then we headed back to Lion's Den to watch The Wailers. 
It felt like the whole festival was there to see them! It was so packed we couldn't even get a look at the stage until they were off. But the reggae blasting through the woods was so nice you could just be anywhere and it was amazing.
We went for a little wander again (probably to find toilets) once The Wailers finished and before The Skints started playing..

Haha photobombed :(
Whilst we were dancing to The Skints it began raining, while Kaiya was in a rain coat, me and Aggie were getting soaked so headed back to the tent after a bit to get changed. We then headed Up Town again to find some food.
Whistlers' Green
Possibly one of my favourite stages!! Its even cooler at night....
Ok so this has annoyed me, I don't have a clue which days these photos were taken on, I'm pretty sure we've now moved on to DAY THREE (Saturday) because Friday was quite a mellow day and I didn't stay out till late, or remember doing much after dancing in the Lions Den. What I do know is that the photos from this point onwards are definitely from the Saturday... Saturday we explored Up Town thoroughly, (so I think some of the above photos are from Saturday) we made our way to Wild West to catch our friends band perform, check out their facebook page: Junior Bill and the Scallies
 We explored around Wild West a bit more popping into random rooms with funky music. You'll never know what you're about to walk into!!
 We headed back to the tent after to put tattoos. bindi's and make up on for the night ahead... 
 Just to show you my tattoo (I took this photo on the Sunday)
 We first headed to Charlie Browns where only friends of Charlie Brown himself are allowed in (we were obviously on the guest list). Inside we played some poker and danced to funky music.
 We then carried on exploring and came across this amazing act taking place on the pirate ship. There was a lady doing trapeze and a whole story going on, it was amazing!!  
 Then we finally made it to Tribe of the Frog, it looked so amazing at night, all the props and surroundings were lit up by LED paint, anything white or yellow on you glowed and the back drop of the stage was a huge LED painting.
 We then headed down to the part I was most excited for. Friend Within and Eats Everything in a gigantic circus tent, with circus acts taking place above your head.
Towards the end of the night me and Agnese lost Kaiya again and went for a bit of a wander around Down Town, we went on a carnival ride and then headed to the forest in Trench Town to have a chill in a hammock.
DAY FOUR we spent exploring again during the day, looking around stalls and visiting places we hadn't even been to yet! We also sorted out or ecobond (collecting rubbish) which put extra tenner in our pockets... Btw!! All the photos from this day are Agnese's, my camera had died by this point.. Sad times...
 When the night arrived for a final time we headed to Down Town to the Boombox - a stage which is a boombox, for some old skool DnB, garage and house. We also explored around China Town a bit.
 Music ended early at 12am :( So we headed to a shisha bar to chill until it closed.
How do I end such a big post!? I can't believe I've finally finished it haha!! I hope you got a real sense of my first festival experience! I would definitely recommend this festival to go to as it is such an experience and really is a town like no other!! I also have some film photos from my Minolta to post, I'll pop them in a separate post soon enough :)
Lots of love
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