Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Winter Wonderland

I forgot how cold my room is during Winter. I quite like it because it feels full of fresh air, but I'm always tempted to put on my radiator. Thankfully I have a lovely new cardigan which is so soft and warm! 

Today just like yesterday I had work. I leave my house at 5.20am and get to work 5.45am. Its so frosty when I'm walking to work all the cars glisten like someones poured glitter all over them! I don't know how I'm going to cope with the coldness at that time when its really Winter. 

Sunday was my only day off last week. I stayed round Tom's and we had a super lazy morning - waking up at midday! We made a big cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, beans, potato waffles and hot dog sausages!! It was great! Then after taking it easy some more we caught a bus into Cardiff to go visit Winter Wonderland. 

We didn't go on the ice rink in Winter Wonderland, just went on the rides, ate and drank. Twas fun ^_^

I just fell asleep...
I'll post soonish!
Going to London on Thursday wooo eeee


Monday, 24 November 2014

Film: November 2014

These photos are taken on the Minolta between the 5th November and the 6th November. 


bonfire night


a grey day on penarth beach

Not sure when I'll get more film developed, but granted I'll keep snapping!!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Film: September 2014

Yaaay!! I'm so happy I have photos to show youuu! Today I got paid (horray) and I decided to get two rolls of film developed. This one is from September on the Minolta and I'll post the second roll on another post :)

Photos taken on the Minolta from 9th September 2014 to 15th September 2014.

over Rose's

walks with Tom and Skippy

cosmeston lake with Tom and his dogs Ruby and Lily.

movie night over Aggies.

Much Love
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