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What I Did In December

Hmm I feel like doing a post today, I'm not sure why but I think its because I'm not quite sure how to fill up my time this morning. I don't even have much to show or tell you. I have settled a date for when I'm getting my new laptop!! Sunday 18th January I'm going to go down to PC World with Tom and buy it, I already know which one I'm going to get. Its small and light and simple and I'm excited. This big, heavy and slow laptop can get out of my life and frustrate someone else!! So yay a new laptop to write my posts on... Hmm nothing much has been happening all week. I've been having 6am starts so I get home before 1pm and try and decide what to do with my day, some days are more productive than others... Now that I have a book to read I thankfully have an easier option to fill up my time. I can't really be arsed writing anymore. Its not that interesting is it? I thought I would just share with you some photos that I took on my phone over December. So here ya go...
 Tom's anniversary present :3
 Apex Collection - Motion
 My Diana Mini book is almost finished!
 So normal
 Tom and Jacob playing piano
Look how big and grown up Indica is now!!

Have a few more posts coming up soon..
Till then!

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