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Instant Snaps! Paris, Motion + Experimenting

So as you may or may not know, last month the brand new Lomo'Instant arrived at my doorstep after months of waiting for it to be finished in production and shipped off. Since having it I'll be honest I've only used it a fraction of how much I thought I would. I'm blaming it on shitty winter weather and not enough free time to go out with friends and play around with it. Valid reasons ok? But besides all that I LOVE IT!!! I just love the whole instant image concept. Taking a snap, having it come out, putting it in your pocket to pull it out ten minutes later to see the results. The cute, small images that fit in your purse. On top of the cuteness of instant images in general, the Lomo'Instant came with a tonne of other creative features, which means you pretty much can't get tired of it! Infinite multiple exposures, coloured gels for the flash, 3 bonus lenses - including fisheye and close up are just a few things you can play around with. I've been a bit wary to play around with all these things straight away, purely because you need to get used to knowing what setting to put the camera on to make sure the lighting is good etc.. But it just means that I have so much still to try out with it. Anyways, enough of the review babble (10 outta 10 init). Here are the pics that I have gotten out of it so far...
1st Instant pic I used a red gel filter.
Skippy below was taken on the fisheye lense. Came out too dark!

Reindeer - also taken a bit too dark - I now know to alter the aperture settings.

 View over Cardiff - I can't help but like the vignettes in this image.
 Motion with the galsss - people photos seem to look nicest with the instant camera
 Its hard to tell but its a photo of the DJ and all the red dots are lights, I actually quite like the abstractness of this image.... Oh yes spiffing!
Rose helping me finish off the first round of film

Made the image a bit too bright - still figuring it out you see.
Breakfast in a local cafe :)

Let me know what you think and I hope to be sharing some more Instant snaps with you soon! 

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