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New Laptop!

So today I went into town to collect my brand new laptop. Me and Tom went in and chose it on Sunday and I'm so happy with it! It's light weight, quiet, small and fast. Horray!! So now I am sitting in bed with my new laptop and I thought I would do a blog post. I have some photos from my Nikon which have built up throughout December and January so here they are for you. 
Yay it comes with a webcam!!!!
 Sending Christmas cards
 New calendar!
 New cacti!!
 A candle Agnese gave me for Christmas
 My new shelf me and Tom put up :)
Size difference between the old laptop on the left and my new one on the right :)

New new new!
So many new things for my room I love it!! Working on a space that you call your own is so much fun! I don't know what plans I have next for my room. I need to buy that map of Europe dammit!!
At the moment we've been trying to get festival tickets bought and the dates booked off work. We have a deposit down for Dimensions Festival in Croatia, our Boomtown tickets are completely bought, and now there's just Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam to buy tickets for. Exciting stuff!!
I'll try post soon but at the moment work seems to be taking up all my time and when I'm not in work I'm just taking it easy at home or not doing anything blog worthy. A shame, but what can yah do!!
Lots of Love

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