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Paris Day Five: Notre Dame and Heading Home

HAPPY 2015!!

Horray to a new year! What lies around its corners who knows, but I am so excited!! My New Years Eve was spent exactly how I wanted it. With Tom. We stayed in bed watching one of those cheesy countdown shows and then after all the excitement we decided to head out to a friend's family party. Cue drunk karaoke and lots of nibbles. I stayed sober personally but did give in to a bit of Grease sing a-long. It was great. Really nice. No extreme planning, no expectations. Just a nice welcoming of the new year. 

Today has been a very good day for me. I just feel so productive and like I've gotten a lot done in a short afternoon. I finished work at 1pm today and headed straight into town to get some bits and bobs. A new calendar (the excitement), a candle, a new purse and a top (I gave in to Urban Outfitters' oh so tempting sales). I got home just before 3 and since then I have put my calendar up, wrote a diary entry, put a roll of film into my photo album, tidied my room, read some of my book, had dinner and now here I am writing this blog post/simultaneously doing some colouring in. WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY!!! Haha, I'm so happy with myself its quite hilarious. I know how the next two days off in which I hope to spend with friends and going for walks. 

Now for the main topic on this post. Paris Day 5. A trip to Notre Dame and the tiresome journey home. 
Our last day we decided to hit one last tourist destination before our evening flight. We headed out early afternoon and after a delicious lunch overlooking Notre Dame we headed inside for a look about, which also included a climb to the top, which gave yet another beautiful view of the surrounding city. 
One of my favourite things about Paris - the plant shops - they're everywhere and sell everything!! I was beyond in love, dragging Tom around every shop to look at every plant I couldn't have :'(

Then it was the long journey back home. 
A train to the airport, the flight - which was delayed - but we didn't mind so much because they had a piano in the waiting area! Then we had to wait for the last Greyhound home because we missed our booked one. And then we had a very uncomfortable ride back to Cardiff and a taxi ride to mine and then bed and sleep, thank goodness! 

That's it for the daily Paris posts! Whats left now are 2 rolls that I need to get developed soon! I can't wait to see what the photos come out like and to obviously share them with you! 

Hope everyone is well and happy :)

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