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Paris Film One

Helloooo. Today is a rare sunny day and I feel like all I want to do is sit around in my room and enjoy it. Open my windows wide, let the cold air flow in, use up the rest of my rainbow candle and read some of my book. I've just come home from work and now I have plans to head off again, before heading back to work for a 3pm meeting/training. By the time I'll get home it'll probably be getting dark. Or hopefully the sky will be that nice colour it goes during dusk and I won't feel too bad. Anyways... On Saturday I got my Paris films developed. They're amazing!! I used the X-Pro/Slide Lomography Film (ISO 400) It means the photography lab have to cross process them making straaaange colours come out, or so they told me. It also took much longer to print because they have to frame each image on the film individually. I got them back around 3 hours later and so far I've only scanned one roll in, because the films are 36 exposures and scanning takes soooo loooong!! So without further ado, here is my first Paris Film :P
The only photo we had someone take of us and it came out to dark :(
I have a feeling this film works a lot better in the Summer with blue sky and beaming sun, but I still love the dark, greeny atmosphere that is created in these photos! Paris looks so antique and beautiful, I miss it already :(
I'll hopefully scan the 2nd film in later this week, so keep a look out :)

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