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Paris Film Two

Today has been a nice day, another nice day. I got an email from Dimensions Festival saying Super Early Bird tickets are on sale (horray) so tomorrow me and Tom are going to put a deposit down for our tickets, since I don't currently have enough money for a whole ticket and my pay next week isn't going to be too great. But atleast once we pay the deposit it means we will defo be going to Dimensions in Croatia at the end of August and that makes me oh so excited. We've also been talking about going to an event in Amsterdam in the start of April. It's like a pre-event to the main Awakenings festival so that should be a lot of fun. It would mean only being out there for 2 days though. So yeah lots and lots of ideas and planning. I'm trying to get my head around it all and I think the best thing to do is to make lists and take one thing at a time haha!! 

I got round to scanning my second Paris film today. I can't believe with everything that's happening in Paris in the last week that I was there just over a month ago!! Good thing we didn't book the holiday for January that is all I am saying... It's really terrible to see everything that happened because I really enjoyed Paris :( Anyways here are my pictures!
Taken on the Minolta using X-Pro Lomography Film ISO 400 :)

And as usual if you haven't read all my Paris posts make sure you check them out:

I'll post soon!

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