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Film: November 2014

Hello, today is almost over and I'm feeling quite flustered. My room is humid and the window above my desk is providing much needed cold air. It's 7.50pm but it feels later. I'm tired. Tom's not sleeping round tonight so I can take advantage of that and go to bed super early, within the next hour I'm hoping! How has today been? It's been really good. My day started as early as usual and work went well. I'm getting more on top of cleaning tasks and I'm making it my mission to make the lounge spotless by the end of my shifts. Since I got home around 12pm I've been walking back and forth from the camera shop, getting photos developed. Photos from the Minolta dating back to November all the way to January. Four films I got developed!! Thankfully it was half price so I'm hoping I'm not too broke from it, however I am yet to check my bank balance. I've only managed to scan in the first two films so far, so I'll post one today and one tomorrow if I have time! 
My Diana Mini arrived today and I'm super excited! I have a film already in but I think I might wait until I head of to London on Friday before I start snapping... I don't know what to expect to be honest, I'm forcing myself to remember the unpredictability with the Diana so I don't expect too much from the first film, but I'm excited none the less. Excited for Friday more than anything and finally getting to see Agnese!! Chow chow!

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