Thursday, 26 February 2015

Film: November 2014

Another one of my November films to post today... I want to get another post done before the end of February and tomorrow after work I'm heading off to London so I won't have time again. It's 12.45pm and I've just gotten home from work. Today was ok, it was a slow day in work... I did all the cleaning I could possibly do and then headed home. My plans today are minimal, Rose is popping over in a bit for a well needed catch up and then I'll jump on a train to Penarth to spend some time with Tom. Todays just another day within a sea of days... Tomorrow I'm going up to London, Saturday night Agnese has found an event for us to go to, its called Bump and Hustle - "House N'Soul, Disco and Electric Funk" How intriguing! Should be a hoot!! Now for some snaps!! These lot were taken between the 16th and 18th of November, just more walking >_<

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