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What I Did In January

Hey guys. I seem to be very low on photos I have to post on here. Mainly because I haven't been taking any. I know its sad but I feel so uninspired by whats around me. I don't want to be taking photos for the sake of it, I want to be taking photos because I want to capture something to share with people. People don't want to see the same thing over and over again and to be honest, neither do I. So any posts that are thick with wonderful images are on a stand still at the moment. Sorry about that. I do however have my trusty phone with a few pictures from the month of January.
January wasn't spent doing a lot and neither will February, as me and Tom are halting on the nights out to try and put money towards our summer plans. 
Not much has been going on with me lately if you're wondering. We put my map of Europe up on my wall earlier this week and its looking great, with all the flags of where we plan to go/have already been. Also once I get paid I plan on buying a Diana Mini again, I finished off my Diana Mini book a few days ago and it made me miss the little camera so much! Also since there were so many empty pages left in the book I think its only right that I should finish it off properly! So there is that to look forward to. 
I am sorry for the lack of posts, but there's not always much I can do about it! I'll try and take photos now and then but for now here are the pictures I've been taking throughout last month :)


Should I get short hair?

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