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Lost In Fog

Hello, the past two days Cardiff has been blessed with beautiful weather. It starts off early. with a sea of fog, allowing you to only see 10 or so meters in front of you. Then as the day gradually goes by, the fog rolls away sticking only to the coast, revealing a brilliant blue sky. Bliss. 
My Sunday was spent at Tom's, we woke pretty early. Showered, had a quick breakfast and then headed out to take his dogs for a walk. Although it seemed the fog had cleared, as we walked towards Penarth Pier it was clear it was very much still there. Inspired by the sun beams shining through the trees I decided to take some photos throughout our walk. Can you believe it, the one time I don't bring a camera with me all I want to do is take photos. Thankfully I know have a phone that is capable of taking photos. So here is what I captured...

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