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Saturday Morning Stroll

Today is going to be a good day, I can tell. I woke up around 7am to my room lit by daylight. The sun had not yet rose but that doesn't matter because the blue sky welcomes the start of the day. Half an hour until the alarm went off for Tom to wake up for work. Half an hour of drifting in and out of sleep, staring up through my window at the blue sky, planning my day ahead. I got out of bed before Tom and went to wash my hair, then I left just as Tom got in and went to go make us egg on toast. Delish. Tom left for work and then I went to my bedroom and decided what to start my day off with. A walk. A walk while the sun was out. Which camera? My Lomo Instant of course! A nice sunny morning can only mean good pictures, and since I have a heap of film to develop, why not take some instant pics and get them straight away. So off I went. It was a lovely walk, cold and fresh. I only took 4 pictures on my Instant camera, because its the last of my film packs and film is way too expensive... I'll have to purchase in bulk online.. But the four I took I was happy with! Its so nerve-racking when you wait for the image to process. Will it be too light? Too dark! That's one of the difficulties I've had with the Lomo'Instant so far. But thankfully I think all these came out well. So yay, my confidence in the camera is slightly restored. 
For the rest of my day I'm going to clean my room, make a nice lunch (of probably pasta) and then head off to work at 4.30pm. I hope you too have a lovely day and I shall try post again soon! 

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