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Film: December 2014/January 2015

I'm so tired today it's really lame. The past five posts I've done have been about old film and its boring me now... It doesn't really help that I somehow managed to delete half the photos I had taken on my phone in February while loading them onto my Hard-drive. So those are poof, vanished, gone and now I have two less posts to do.... Lameeeeeeee. Why can't it be summer already? It's sunny and when I look outside my window I love to pretend its warm and I can just jump on my non-existant bike and cycle as far as I like. Nerp, I'm sat here in a jumper and beanie, watching my plants appreciate the sunlight. I want to buy some more soon, just lots and lots of little plants, basking in sun. Blah blah blah.. I'm going to be 20 in 11 days. Weird. It sounds so old! I like it, I think, I haven't decided yet. I can't be fucked doing this right now, I'm really tired :( I don't know what to do with myself haha. I think thats why I'm still typing absolute bollocks. Alright well here are some p.i.c.t.u.r.e.sss, taken on the Minolta between 25th December and 11th January. Woo! 

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