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Film: November 2014

Hi, my morning started at 4.30am for a shift I didn't need to go into. I got into work only to see the person whose shift it was, in already. So I got changed back out of my uniform and walked home and crawled back into bed. This weekend I was in London. I had so much fun with Agnese and I'm so glad I went, sometimes its just nice to be in a different environment. I'll talk about it more when I do a blog post about it :) I've decided to give myself a little music based project. I was thinking, looking at the Dimensions Festival line-up there are only a handful of artists I know of. So I've made it my target to give every artist a listen beforehand. The other day I discovered Motor City Drum Ensemble and at the moment I am listening to a Four Tet boiler room! ( Anyways, the photos I have to show you today are the final film I took in November - you can see November was a busy month of photo taking!! They're taken on the Minolta again and are taken between 27th and 28th November, when me and Tom went up to London to see Little Dragon. No photos are from that event in particular, but I did take some around the Thames river and in the Science Museum.

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