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My Green Friends

Hi. I haven't posted in a while and I haven't developed film in a while. So I've been thinking about what I could do a post about. And I have decided I shall do a post on plants. Because I have quite a few. (Not enough). 
How have I been.. Well very good! I had my birthday last Saturday and now I am 20 which is cool. It makes me excited of what this year of being 20 will bring... I had a lovely birthday by the way. This week I have just been working working working. But its ok because tonight I am going out to a night I've been excited about for about 2 months - sad I know. It was going to be Dillinja in the Vaults, but Vaults has shut down, so its now in Welsh Club which I'm just as happy about because I like Welsh Club, and Dillinja is going to be absolutely insane as always. So I have been well. The weather has been lush this past week and I've been making the most of it by going on long walks mainly back and forth from Tom's work (Bute Park is such a lovely park to walk through I can't complain in the slightest!) Today we had a solar eclipse and I was in work so I just made sure I could watch it live on TV, it looked cool! Now for my pictures of plants :)
All my little pretties together for you :)
Annoyed at how the bottom is blurred - my camera has definitely seen better days..
The original plant in my bedroom, I love it!!
My little succulent! It's growing slowly but surely! I just want it to get bigger now and fill up the pot..
My mini cacti - not to be touched as they cute but prickly!!
My leaf... When you rub your fingers on it they smell like lemon which is cool! It's growing in water at the moment and I'm so happy to see some roots forming!! (The see-through bit trailing out of the stalk below)
My Shippon Wild Strawberry plant! It's finally sprouting, I'm just hoping I planted enough seeds so that the basket looks full enough. So cute though :)
My bonsai tree! A birthday present and I love it, it looks so cute against that wall I just want it to grow big now!
And finally my Valentines Day rose. Why do I still have it you ask? Well originally I kept it in my room because I like the vase its in, but then I realised that the smaller green leaves were growing! They weren't there before, so I'm leaving the rose there to see what happens and to give the little plant a chance of life :)

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  1. I always try to have some green companions in my room. Unfortunately my cacti got a little sick after moving to a new apartment :(


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