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Awakenings Easter Special // Amsterdam

I thought I wasn't going to be in the mood for writing today, but now sat at my desk with the sun shining down on my neck, my lucky charm cat smiling at me and my shippon cat growing me little strawberry plants.. I FEEL LIKE WRITING. 
It's April!! A whole new month, we are 1/3 through this year and bloody hell it is going quick. Last week mine and Tom's 1st trip of the year took place. We went to Amsterdam!! It was a lot of fun. I went to possibly the best ever event of my life so far (pictures on their way). The weather was also on our side so on the Thursday we had a whole day strolling around in the sun. Can I just say how much I love Amsterdam, it is such an amazing city I could very happily live there. And the music events that go on there are the cherries on top of a very large and tasty cake. Haha take me back :'( At least we'll be going back in June when the weather will be even better. 
Now I'm home I'm going through that whole routine of trying to slide back into normality. Yesterday was my first proper day back home and I was so disfungled I decided trying to repot my plants was a greater priority than unpacking my suitcase... Today I feel a bit more co-ordinated, although I have to walk back to work soon for another shift. 
I do ever so desperately want to get better at posting. I always have ideas wurling around my head, but I just never seem to make the time for them. Luckily I have around 4/5 films to develop in the upcoming weeks - I'll probably start after the 17th because thats when I get paid :) So yay!! The weather is beautiful at the moment and I'm really hoping it'll stay this way so I can go out and take lots of pictures! Ok enough of the updates. Hope everyone is well. 
 Awakenings Easter Special:

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