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Film: March 2015

Don't.. know.. how.. to.. start.. post.... 
Hi, hello, good day. Well today I went to collect some film I got developed. These photos were taken with my Diana Mini in March between the 12th and 20th. Me and Tom went off to explore Abergavenney one day we both had off. It was a fun day, we climbed all over a castle and walked through parks and sat and drank hot chocolates before heading home. The other photos are from my birthday when I went to volunteer at the local gardens which was fun! I went again this Saturday with Agnese and we have both taken home a pot with a pepper seed in it, in the hope it will grow into a pepper I can eat, but I'm not too sure. My plans for this week are to meet up with Agnese on Tuesday to enjoy the lovely weather, Wednesday me and Tom are going to play badminton.. Saturday there is the Royal Garden Show coming to Bute Park so I'm going there with the girls and I'm going to try my hardest not to buy too many plants but I'm getting paid Friday so the temptation is all too real! Also I'm going out Saturday night for an event in Buffalo Tom has bought us tickets for so that should be nice. All good fun! I have one film left to develop from the Minolta and then I shall be on to Amsterdam pictures! Horray, exciting! Hope you enjoy the pics :)

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