Monday, 27 April 2015

Film: March 2015

Hmm trying to figure out how to layout these next few posts, but I just want to write. I've been really happy this month. I feel like with the good weather we've had, I've really made the most out of it. I know I've done very little posts during April and well thats all down to the fact I'm not using a DSLR anymore. Lately I've just been snapping away on the Diana Mini and I've only just had the chance to catch up with developing all the films. Currently I have 3 to show you spanning from the 20th March to the 9th April. 
I don't know what to say tbh.. apart from that I'm happy and keeping busy and active and still dancing nights away and I think all I want to do right now is be done with this blog post and look through my Diana Mini book + put all the new pics in it... (Soz)
Theeese pictures I am about to show you are... 20th - the end of March. We went to Amsterdam on the 1st so here are a few pics from before that :) I'll do a big post full of Amsterdam pics tomorrow and then the day after I have a few more photos for you all. Ok enjoy!

Dillinja in Clwb Ifor Bach:
 A day in Bute Park with Aggie:

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