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Walks In The Forest

Hi, I have about 35 minutes to write this post before I have to rush off out and crack on with my jam packed day..
Yesterday the weather was beautiful, simply beautiful. 20 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I finished my morning shift about 12.20pm, met Tom and then we went to pick up my dog Skippy from my house and caught a train to Taffs Well. If you don't know Taffs Well is where Castell Coch is, we've been there a few other times either by train or bike but this time we decided to avoid the castle and continue up the long windy path that goes past it. The walk was so stunning, we were off the road obviously, completely surrounded by trees and birds and flowers. We found caves and fields and continued on our adventure until we got to a hill with a view of the sea. It was such a lovely day thinking about it makes me so happy haha! I did indeed take photos, on my phone and on the Minolta. 
Today is another nice day although its overcast and more humid than hot. My plans for today are to go play badminton at 4pm with Tom and then we're going to go swimming aswell :) Tomorrow I have a double shift which I am not happy about because I'm going to be absolutely shattered for the weekend and then I only have Sunday off and then it's straight into 3 shifts in 2 days.. It's ok I guess I just try and focus on the good things.
Ok enough yabbering, hope everyones having a good day :)

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  1. I can see from your photos that it was a really nice day out with the sun shinning! I hope you enjoyed your walk :)
    Im so looking forward to good weather, basking in the warm sun and having nice summer walks.

    Carina | Running White Horses


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