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Film: Jan, Feb, March and April 2015

How to start a post when you haven't written in at least 3 weeks. Hmmmmm, sorry? I wish I could still post as much as I used to back in 2013 and even 2014 but I can't. I don't know why, maybe I don't have enough time or enough photos, or maybe because I'm so used to my surroundings everything has already been captured. Trust me this blog is not over. I'll still post in here and I have many plans for posts next year since I shall be travelling! But this year is the get on with work year. Earn that cash, save that cash. One day after the next. Yeaaaah I still do stuff but its just me stuff, walking for the sake of it doesn't have to be captured with picture after picture. Neither does every single night out or lazy day in. I'm just living at the moment and thats fine by me. I'm still trying to take photos every now and then and now it's beginning to look a bit more like Summer (fingers crossed) I will be taking more photos on my film cameras. Also I'm finding it harder to spend money on film so films get developed a lot slower - this one being a perfect example. 
So hows my life?! Good :) I've been walking a lot lately and I love it. I'm trying to make myself walk home from Tom's (Penarth) more now its warmer and to be honest its such an easy walk... Also its fun to push yourself. I've also been working a bit more than usual, the Executive Lounge I work in us now open 7 days a week so lately I've been finding myself doing 7 days of morning shifts then 2 days off and back into another 6/7 days of work again. I guess I don't really mind because it'll mean I'll have a better pay with summer coming up, but I do get really worn down by the end of the week. S'all good.
Today I'm off to meet Tom in the Bay (walking of course) and we're going to grab some late lunch and then see where the rest of the day takes us. For now here are some pictures. Taken on the Minolta which I am definitely going to start using again because it's such an amazing camera. These pics were taken from January 20th to April 9th. Don't ask me the specific dates of days I do not remember....
Much love!!
A grey January day
 Walking Tom's dogs
We walked from my house to Cosmeston Lake and then back :)
 Picnic day with Agnese and Rose:

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  1. What a lovely gray January day!
    I know the feeling, when everything it's always the same and you don't know how to make something out of it (I talk about your photography, of course), but it's not all bad. Traveling and discover new things is gonna be even more fun and excitement (how cliché is this comment?)
    Anyway, I wish you a happy week of walking.


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