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Hi. I really feel like writing today because old posts make me miss doing so many posts... I'm feeling really sorry for my Nikon at the moment because its currently collecting dust on my shelf :( I don't know why but I've felt so put off using it and I kind of wish I had been using it. It's because a few months ago I started disliking the photos it was coming out with, but thinking about it that could of just been a one off.. I'm going Amsterdam the end of next week so I'm going to take it for that. I'm going to Awakenings Festival. A massive techno festival in Amsterdam gaaaah!! I'm so excited and I promise to take so many photos. I guess it'll be good to take both film and digital because currently I have 3-5 films to get developed so at least I'll be able to post pictures straight away. I'M SO EXCITED. 

I am sorry I have been posting so little. To be honest its been surprising me just how quickly the months are flying by. Like seriously this year is going so quickly for me and Tom. There are several reasons why it feels this way. I think its mainly because of my extreme planning and that once one major event is over, we're focused on getting to the next one. 
I do have loads planned for this summer. This coming Thursday I'll be going Fforest Fawr with the girls for a lovely walk/picnic. Then Friday off to Amsterdam. In July I'm going London with the girls on the second weekend and then the weekend after that there's an event in the Vaults that I'm very excited for aaaaand then the Tuesday after that weekend me and Tom are going on a camping/surfing trip. Hopefully I shall be able to learn how to surf hahah. There's a few other things I'd like to do but July is the only real month I can do them because the festival mayhem in August. But I'm glad I'm doing a good load of things already :) And I'm so happy with whats been planned this summer and how its all falling to place perfectly ^-^ 

Not much else to say really. My day to day life is the same as always. Work, walk home, have lunch, walk to Tom's shop, go to Penarth, go home. I've started a new book about Geisha's which should be interesting. My plants are pretty much still alive. (yesterday my new bonsai started blossoming!!) I'm trying to drink loads of water and walk lots and stay healthy and positive :) 
Lots of Love
and hopefully I'll have a bit more posts to do in July

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