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Awakenings Festival 2015

Hello! I started this post yesterday with a big whole paragraph of writing about why I didn't feel like writing. Thankfully I didn't finish this post so I can write something better today.
Last Friday me and Tom went to Amsterdam for Awakenings Festival. It was unreal. We had such an amazing time dancing and meeting people. We festival was insane. 4 giant outdoor stages and 4 giant tents. If I showed you any photos from the April Awakenings event you'll know how intense their lighting system is, and this festival was not short of it.
Day One the weather was perfect. Blue sky and a warm breeze. We arrived early so that we could explore the festival and after getting through security (I was panicking because I forgot my ID, but they didn't even check!!) we were truly overwhelmed by the size of the festival. It was stunning.
I can't really remember who we saw the first day. You plan to see people but then just end up chilling listening to the music thats around you. I remember spending quite a bit of time on the main stage (V) dancing to Sven Vath and Joseph Capriati, we also saw a bit of Loco Dice, Julio Bashmore, Marcel Dettman and then finished off the night in Tent (X) seeing Nina Kravis which was of course amazing. They even had some indoor fireworks ^-^ Here are Day One pics:
Day Two the weather wasn't as great weather wise. It rained a bit midday and then was cloudly. Recovering from the day before we were both super tired. My eyes felt like they were sinking into my skull! We sat around for a bit waking ourselves up and had some pasta which helped plenty! 
We saw Boddika, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pan-pot, Tale of Us and for closing Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg closing. Photos will be posted below of the closing - it was mindblowing!!!! Also I took much much less photos on the second day purely because I was feeling lazy and also didn't take my DSLR.
 Here are some of the Awakenings Official photos. I DID NOT TAKE ANY OF THESE:
1st out of 3 wristbands!

Yay! First festival blog post done!
Todays been a nice day. I woke up in Penarth and walked back home, I got to the local garden by 11,30am and helped out until 12.30pm. Now I've had some lunch and in 10 mins I have to head out and go to work :( I wish I didn't have an evening shift. I really hope its not busy tho I think it will be. Gah! Wish me luck... I really need to start developing film although I'm always finding myself short of money for it. I promise I'll try develop some soon and yes indeed post again soon! 

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