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Camping In Llangennith

I'm really happy to be writing this post today, although I wish I wasn't back home, back to reality. The past three days me and Tom have been camping in Llangennith. Spending the mornings out in the water surfing/body boarding and the afternoons out on adventures. It was so so nice to be away, with no signal on my phone. Just me, tom and the sound of the sea. I took photos on my DSLR and Minolta and am posting the digital photos today. I'm really glad I used this camera because I haven't been lately and I was actually really happy with the images. It's nice having a choice between film and digital especially when I can give Tom my digital to take photos with. Enjoy :)
 Tuesday's lunch
 Tuesday's adventure.. Up the mountain
 Tuesday's dinner
Wednesday's adventures.. Sand-dunes and a walk to Rhossili
 We made it to Rhossili
 Wednesday's dinner
 Watching the sunset
 Thursday's breakfast

Now I'm back home I don't really have any upcoming plans. To be honest I'm surprised how much camping has drained me! Me and Tom had to share a curry last night and after a good nights sleep I still feel tired! Tomorrow I'm back in work which should be fun as always. ¬_¬ Lately it feels like theres always one issue or another and I'm so fed up of it. I just want to work and be left alone. At the moment it seems I can't even take a holiday without creating some sort of problem which is entirely not my fault. Oh well we shall see. For the rest of the rainy day that is today I think I'll stick some recently developed photos into my Diana Mini book, hopefully that'll cheer me up a bit. I also need to catch up on my French because I haven't done any whilst away. (I was completely phone free which was amazing).. (If only I could have an everyday life without needing to look at my phone) Ah well. I'll try post soon, but it just depends on when I next develop film.

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