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Film: June 2015

Some point this week I got 3 films developed, they're all from June. Where the weather seemed a lot nicer than its been in July. I haven't even been able to work on my tan anymore!! July is ending now anyways so hopefully August will bring more sunshine. 
I've rediscovered one of my old CD albums. It's called The Very Best of Euphoric Dance 2009 and I can't believe I used to listen to this kind of music! It's just so similar to what I'm into now and I didn't even make the connection until now. I was into good music when I was little haha!! By little I mean I was like 14.... 
Today is going to be my 4th evening shift in the past week and it's lame. I have another one tomorrow aswell. I guess it's ok.. I just don't feel settled into routine and I get so tired during my evening shifts, which puts me in a bad mood and drains my energy. The next two shifts though I'm working with someone else (I'm training a new staff) which will make the shifts more bearable. Yesterday the lounge was really busy from start till finish and of course the coffee machine decided to break which resulted in me getting coffee beans ALL over the floor. Also some of the regulars were joking about with me about how busy it was and I turned to look at the other guests and they were all just staring at me not amused at all. Well that made me feel like shit. 
Today has been an alright morning. It's such a beautifully sunny day and I'm trying not to think too hard about how I should be out in it. Tom didn't sleep over last night so I kept all the blinds open so I could wake up to the sunlight. Is it weird that I enjoy that? I lay in bed tempting myself to jump out get dressed and go walk to the park, it would of been so nice. Instead I enjoyed the comfort of my new duvet (its amazing). I got out of bed around 8 which is still pretty good and I've just been spending the last 45 minutes scanning photos. 
Once I finish this post I think I shall do some French and then maybe if I have time I'll go to the park and do some reading. That would be nice wouldn't it? 

These photos are from the Minolta taken at the start of June. We went to Noah's Ark Farm Park for Tom's nephew - Jacob's - 2nd birthday. It was a lot of fun :)
Tom's face hahaha

 Jacob taking a photo!

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