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Film: June 2015

Hello. I thought I would post another lot of photos today, like I did yesterday. These photos represent such lovely sunny days it warms my heart but also makes me look outside and think why is it a grey day today. My day layout today is going to be quite similar to yesterdays I think, although I might go do some gardening later if I want. I feel like I'm not planning things to do on sunny days anymore. I think I might see if Tom wants to go for a walk tomorrow afternoon because that would be nice. Summer where areeee youuuu? And you can't just come out on days I'm in work all day >:( Thats not fair is it. I'm listening to Bon Iver at the moment and it's not making me productive at all, its making me want to lie on my bed and stare out of my window all day. That's the kind of mood I'm in today. Maybe I'll do some colouring in. Hey! They did a news report on "adult colouring books" the other day and I was just like yeah pssst I've had mine for ages :3 They are amazing though! I should go see what else book shops have to offer because it seems like they have a larger range now compared to when I bought mine. Mind you they're so big the books it would take ages to complete one!! Anyways, I am indeed just writing for the sake of it now. Hope everyone has a beautiful day. I'll try write soon, because I have more photos lined up to post...
Happy August everyone! 


  1. I love the colours in these photos, such gorgeous tones! What film did you use? X

    1. Thank you!! Its Kodak ColourPlus ISO 200 :)) x


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