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Film: June 2015

Hi. I wasn't really planning on doing a post, but since I'm home and have these photos to show you here I am.. I don't know how I feel today.. I don't feel as bubbly as I did yesterday, but then again yesterday was a good day. I finished work midday, met Tom and then we walked into the Bay for some lunch, we then walked to Penarth and decided to go for a bike ride. It was really nice although the gears were confusing me. We went round Cosmeston and then went on to Sully. The weather was really nice so I really appreciated being outside. Around 7.30pm we went to the cinema and then by the time we got back I was dreaming without fully being asleep. It always happens! I'll close my eyes for a second and I'll be in some vivid imagination. I can't help it and I wish it didn't happen so easily. It's because I wake up so early in the morning, but I wish it didn't make me so tired in the evening. So today I'm in an alright mood. I woke up at Tom's and within 15 minutes of being downstairs everyone had to rush off to begin their day, so I was left in the house on my own. I don't mind I guess. Meh. I walked home and I've just had some lunch and now I'll do a few things before I walk to Tom's shop, which I'm looking forward to. I want my mood to turn around a bit before then. Come on Louise!! Why are people so complex? Sometimes I really feel like I don't understand myself. Why I act a certain way or think certain things. Who knows...

So these photos are from June. Me, Rose and Agnese went on an adventure around Fforest Fawr and then the next day I went off to Amsterdam for Awakenings Festival. Enjoy!! 

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