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Dimensions Festival 2015

Finally, finally I am going to do this post, and I have to apologise because I have absolutely no reason for not doing it sooner. Well I was going to wait until I got the underwater pictures developed, but the other day it dawned on me I could just put them in a separate post and consequently have more posts to make in the future (which sounds good to me!) So here is my Dimensions post :) I'm sorry its so late, silly Louise. Photos are from my Minolta, 2 Diana mini pics and my DSLR. I'll write segments along the way :)
 Wednesday 26th August...
6 hour coach ride here we gooooo
At the festival site, time to go through bag checks and get wristbands (woo!)
We joined up with Tom's cousin and squeezed our tent in on the corner + pretty banner (that survived the whole festival!!!)
Time to head to the boat for a ride to Pula..

Little Dragon, Floating Points and Four Tet, perfection!
Me and Tom, Noah and Bonnie :)
Thursday 27th August
Good morning!
Security thought it would be funny to pretend to take a picture, so I pressed the shutter :')
Beach time
Friday 28th August
 Boat party time, Horse Meat Disco b2b Daniel Avery
yes yes yes yes yes
Dancing surrounded by sea, super cool jelly fish, sunsets and good good music.

Saturday 29th August
Campsite chilling, beach boogying
Sleepy Tom
Sunday 30th August
Heading out to explore
I hope you enjoyed all the pictures, I feel bad but I do have loads of videos too but I'm really not a fan of converting and uploading shitty quality videos, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves..
Dimensions was incredible, such a perfect variety of nothing but good music. I will without a doubt be going again. 

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