Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Film: September 2015

Good evening!! I totally just realised I have photos I can post without doing a time consuming post (in which I have to get photos from different files and put them in order) yay!! Here below are a bunch of photos taken on the Diana Mini from a bunch of days throughout the month of September. They were on the same film as my last lot of Boomtown photos - taken so that I could indeed get it all developed. These photos make me very happy because they're from random nights out in which I spent with friends. I will try to continue packing rolls of film with photos similar to these *happy memories*

Promener le chien avec Rose et Agnese
 Un repas avec Agnese, Rose et Josie
 Night out in Vaults avec Tom et Rose:
 Green Velvet in Welsh Clwb avec Tom:
 Damn you film finish already:

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