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Film: September 2015

Hello, it feels like I haven't posted in a while and I feel like writing. Today is another beautiful day among a week of beautiful days. Every morning it has been glistening blue sky (with clouds rolling in later) and it just makes me feel so happy. One of my regular guests pointed out that Autumn is such a lovely season because you're don't expect great weather so always appreciate it when its around, whereas Summer your more expectant of nice weather. I think that's a nice way of looking at Autumn, which is most certainly here. Suddenly there are so many leaves on the floor, the trees are changing colour day by day and I've already collected a few conkers ;) This week I've been riding to work on my new bike and even though its cold in the early mornings, it's so refreshing and pleasant. Tom also got himself a BMX on Tuesday so we now cycle to and from Penarth together which is great!! No more trains :D 
Right now I'm sitting in my room with all my windows wide open (don't you just love it when your room feels fresh and cool).. and I'm munching on a probably unhealthy amount of Minstrels. Today I want to try and be productive, I've been doing a lot of French lately which is really good. Tuesday I learnt Dates, Months, Seasons and Time which took me like duex heures :) Today I think I'll learn another topic. I realised though that I have another 50 topics before I finish the app! Which is good but OMG so much left!! I also need to write a letter to Agnese in London, because the first one I wrote her I lost before I posted :( How sad.. And then I'll either work on my Diana Mini book briefly or cycle to Penarth to see Tom for the afternoon. 
Hmm this post I just realised is only going to have five photos in it, but thats ok right? It's just some pictures I had on the end of my Dimensions minolta film which aren't from Dimensions. I will do a Dimensions post soon guys I promise! I'm just being slightly lazy :) Also I have loads of other things I want to be getting on with first, p.s it's payday tomorrow and I'm finally buying a big photo album for all my Minolta photos!! Yay!! So excited, and a book about a girls escape from North Korea which seems really interesting. Ok I'm going to stop babbling now, I just felt like writing a good update. Speaking of which I'm going Bristol this weekend to see Bonobo (woo) and for Halloween me and Tom are going London (yay!) OK!
Lots of love

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