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Film: July 2015

Hello. It seems finally the rain has subsided and blue sky has brought along the chill of Winter. I like it, although cycling in a big poofy coat isn't half as satisfying as walking around all bundled up with a scarf, hat and gloves. I think I'll try to keep cycling until it starts getting icy. Today hasn't been too bad.. I had a shift this morning and I'm just about to get ready to leave again once I finish this post. My 6 days off from work were nice, although I didn't do anything special, just went about doing things I'd do on any other day, which was what I wanted.
This week is almost over and suddenly we're more than half way through November. It might as well just be 2016 now. I love how fast this years gone, I've said this way too many times, but it has and it's exciting. I already have more and more plans coming to surface for next year and I just want to get to them now. Nina Kravis, one of my favourite techno DJs, is playing IN CARDIFF, IN VAULTS February 6th!!!!!! I can't believe it, I'm so incredibly excited, I just need to make sure I get a ticket no matter what and then I can relax. This weekend I'm going to Vaults for a DnB night so that should be fun, and I have Sunday and Monday off to relax with Tom. 
This post is the first lot of photos from my X-Pro Film I finally got developed. I'm doing posting them in two separate posts just because they're two separate occasions and it makes sense to me. This lot are from when I went to London with Aggie, Rose and Josie to help Aggie move back to Cardiff for Summer. I'll post the rest tomorrow :)

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