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Underwater Ibiza + Croatia

Good morning! Today is the first of my six days off. I woke up at mine with Tom leaving to go to work and got up about half an hour later. It's a really rainy day today and I like it, the constant patter of rain on my windows, then fresh cold air seeping in through my vents and the smell of a candle I've lit. It's just about to turn twelve and so far I've just hoovered my room and scanned in some pictures, but I'm happy with how the days going. I like taking my time in the morning. 
These are some photos I took using the Kodak Underwater Disposable camera. I've done a post with them before and this is the camera Tom had throughout Ibiza (I had the other one). Because you get 27 shots they weren't all used up within one holiday so we took the camera to Croatia to finish off. 
For the rest of the day now I'm going to do some French using the Duolingo app and also learn some vocab. I also want to put a few new pins on my map, I'm thinking Antwerp and Berlin, but I want to find a few more places worth checking out in Germany. 
In my mind I can't help but constantly look forward to things, even things that are far away like going back to college. I feel silly about looking ahead that far when I have so much coming up in the next coming months, but I just can't help it. 
I don't have any more posts lined up at the moment. I get paid next Friday so I'm hoping I can develop some photos soon although I have a list of things to buy this month already, plus putting money away lol. 
Alright I'll finish here, I just really enjoy typing :)

Underwater Ibiza (2014)
 Underwater Croatia:

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