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What I Did In October

Hey, I thought I would take some time out of my day to do a blog post :) Looking through these pictures, I miss sunny days! November so far has literally been cloudy and raining everyday, and temperatures are still around 14 degrees! October was the month me and Tom went to a lot of music events, although I have barely any photos to show of it. (There should be a few in my next Diana Mini post!) 
Since Halloween I still feel like I'm not on top of things. I've stopped doing my french daily which is annoying because I want to maintain it and carry on learning more! With mine and Tom's anniversary trip + Christmas approaching as well I'm trying to figure out everything my next pay is going towards which is fuuuun. Tomorrow I have a day off with Tom which is nice, we'll wake up at his and maybe go somewhere for the day seeing as it's supposed to be dry. Also come Saturday I'm having six days off work!! Just because I have left-over holidays, which is hilarious because I'm pretty sure its the longest holiday I've had so far this year! I'm looking forward to it because I'll just try and enjoy me time (when Tom's in work) I have a new book to read, work on my Europe map... do lots of French and cycle about from Penarth to mine :) Although because the weather is so poop lately I'm finding it hard to cycle as much! Just because this rain is so damn awful and consistent, and its really fine most the time so it just soaks my face lol. Works going well too at the moment. I've been trying to ask for more hours (longer days) just because I don't mind working on till 3pm. Also there's a new guy working the evening shifts in the lounge, but he now wants to do mornings, so I've agreed with my managers that we'll do alternating weeks of mornings and evenings. Which I'm quite looking forward to (if it works) because it'll mean I'll get a week where I can wake up 7/8am compared to 4.30am lol.
Ok so that's my update for now! I got those underwater photos developed also so I'll try scan them in sometime this week and hopefully do another blog post by Friday.
Lots of love
Very tasty strawberries I am successfully growing!
I told her we were going for a walk
Some more locations :)
I love surprises ^_^
Sunny Autumn colours
I was a glitter ball..

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