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Film: November 2015

Hey. I've scanned in a new film today because I'm trying to make the day go by quicker and so far I have an hour and a half left to keep busy... Hm. Tomorrow me and Tom are going to Bath for our 2nd Anniversary. I've tried packing, but I really don't know what to wear. So I'm waiting until Tom comes round tonight and then it can be his problem too. :) I'm super excited though. Also I did some present wrapping today! It's made me super excited to wrap more up although I'm feeling really rubbish with present ideas this year. Hopefully Bath will have loads of lovely things I can buy for people, although I have a really sucky amount of pay left :( Blerg. 
Ok so here are some pictures, we went Cosmeston Lake 3 weeks ago and here are the pics from it, taken on the Minolta.
Also I realised I have two more posts to do (November iPhone pics + Autumn instagram) also I've decided to bring my DSLR to Bath so hopefully I'll be able to do some posts from that. (Hopefully one for each day) Yay!! 
Speak soon
 She decided to jump into the lake...

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