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Our Trip To Bath

Hellooooooooo. I am indeed starting my Bath post :) Its just turned 5pm and so far I've had a really nice day. I had work this morning and then afterwards I rushed home, tidied my room, had some lunch and then headed off for a nice big walk with Skippy. It was really nice, I quite like walking in the rain ^-^ Now I'm back home I had a hot chocolate and I've slowly begun to realise how tired I am. I'm hoping this post will take me an hour or so and then I have to figure out what to do with my time as I have finished the book I was reading... I guess I could do some French but I feel like my brain isn't switched on enough to get enough things correct lol. Anyways, I'll worry about that later. Now for this post which I'm beginning to feel like I can't be bothered to do, dammit. Ok focus.. 

Saturday 5th December me and Tom headed off to Bath for the weekend, for our 2nd Anniversary :) Bath is so so lovely! I was surprised by how many shops it had, not forgetting all the amazing Christmas market stalls where we ended up getting most of our Christmas presents! That Saturday we spent mostly shopping and then went for a meal in the evening.. I think I'll begin with the photos hehe..
Our vouchers for the trip.
Sunday 6th was our anniversary :D :D We woke up to breakfast in bed and then after getting ready opened our presents to each other. I bought Tom tickets for us to go see the Lion King in London and he got me some beautiful blue topaz earrings to go with my pendant necklace :) :) I'm so lucky! Saturday we did more shopping hehe, went for lunch in this nice open spaced pub then in the evening went to the Thermae spa which was aamazing! We got to use the indoor pool, outdoor pool and steam rooms. It was all so peng! Then after that we heading back to the hotel briefly then went on to our meal in an amazing Greek restuarant by the river. After that we went to some cute Ski Bar where they served beers in giant glass boots and shots in tiny glass boots they were so cool! Then it was off home to sleeep..
Eeeeeek flowers make me so happppy 
I know this photo is bad, I just find it so so funny >_<
Monday 7th our last day :( We didn't have any breakfast and just spent the morning taking it easy and packing up our suitcase. We left the hotel around 11am and the headed to the Pump Room for some fancy pancy lunch in giant hall that had a classical pianist and a giant chandelier. It was awesome! After lunch we went and did a tour of the Roman Baths and the sun came out which made me super duper happy :) Then it was off home back to Cardiff. What a lovely trip ^-^
someones tired :')

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