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What I Did In November

Hiiii, I'm back from Bath (it was amazing) and I defo have one nice long post to do for you! But I'm feeling really lazy right now and my DSLR is all the way on my shelf and I'd rather stay sitting down and do another post than to get up and get it. I'm terrible I know. I actually feel really good about writing right now which is good because I was kind of feeling shitty about finishing work earlier than I wanted.. I still managed to do 2 hours overtime which is ok I guess. So. This post is just going to be my monthly iPhone post.. I'm missing seeing my friends right now :( Is that sad? Looking back at my 2013 posts we literally used to see each other everyday and now it's difficult trying to arrange something together within a month, not including the fact that Agnese lives in London :( Poo growing up sucks (but I'm still looking forward to it). Ok well that's it for the sob story haha! Here are the pictures...
I'll do my Bath trip post very soon!!
 ooooooooooh yummmmmyyyyyy!!
 Contemplating short hair//not brave enough to do it just yet
 Yay! Ready to munch!
 More destinations on the map!
 Yum yum, home grown pepper!
 I like making photo albums :))) Even though I have no where to store them :)))

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