Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Film: April 2015

Hey, I have a double shift today which is absolutely lame, although I've just been spending my time in between shifts drawing my Easter Cactus ^_^ I'll show you in a post soon (once I have more than two to show). I know I'm not an amazing drawer, but there's something quite satisfying from doing a little doodle that you don't have too much expectation for. So I've just been drawing that for the past hour and a half and now I shall do a quick blog post and then have some food before leaving for work again. Horray. 
These photos were taken once I came back from Amsterdam... 4th - 9th April. Enjoy!
Easter Sunday:
 Day out exploring + picnicking with the girls: 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Film: Amsterdam 2015

Not in the mood to write because I'm having an unmotivated day. The only thing I can think that swinged my mood was the fact that I decided not to go swimming after work, "so that I could have more time to do other things.." I've done nothing. I could of drawn, read my book, done this blog post like an hour ago. I could of done a lot, yet here I am only just writing this now and then I'll be off to Tom's shop. I feel like I'm slowly figuring out what makes a good day for me. And it only seems that keeping on my feet with countless things to do makes me happy. Even though I then wish I had time like today to do things.... Riiiight. Well I'm getting there slowly. The weather is nice today even though it is cold. I may have wasted a day (in my eyes) today but I've got plenty more to come and I'll try and spend them better...

Oh right, yeah not in the mood to type.. Anyways.. Here are all the photos I took on my diana mini in Amsterdam. They're alright, but I'm beginning to realise the Diana Mini is not a camera that works in a landscapes favour. I think from now on with the upcoming holidays/festivals I'll stick with the Minolta and the Diana mini I want to use with random days + nights out. Ok bye.

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