Wednesday, 16 September 2015


This is quite spontaneous but I do feel like doing a quick post for you and also for myself. As you can tell this year I've been pretty shit at doing posts.. (compared to last year). And yet again this month, even though I do have photos sitting around waiting to be shared, I am indeed not doing as such.. I feel like I've kind of lost touch with my super organised side. I have so many plans/things to do swirling randomly around my head, and I'm finding it really hard to decide when to do what things. The same goes for my posts. I'm pretty sure I have a few posts in need of being done I just can't set a date on when to do them...
I bet I'm making no sense at all...
Ok so here are some posts I need to do.
~Boomtown post (I'm waiting on a film in my Diana Mini which is not yet finished before I get all the photos to post)
~Dimensions post (Also waiting to finish a film on my Minolta)
~I've also just realized that I am due to do a Summer Instagram post. Which I think I'll make this post. 
Anyways, today has been a relatively good day. I've started to put myself back on track with French, but only did 3 topics because it was beginning to overload my brain. For the rest of my day I think I'll probably go walk to Tom's shop as its going to rain later and he's left his raincoat here at mine. I don't really feel like writing much right now. So here's that photo I promised you.......
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Saturday, 5 September 2015

What I Did In August

I feel truly desperate to write a post now. I guess it's convenient I have photos from August to post. None of the ones you want to see I guess seeing as I've just come back from two festivals (it may be some time before I post those.) Can I just start off by saying how I am? Well I am good I think. I feel like I'm in a state of self-improvement. Summer is over and I now have 4 months until this year ends. I want to build up a routine, like I had at the start of the year. I want to be on top of things. Productive, active and healthy. Ever since Boomtown I've been so rubbish with meeting up with friends and I want to work on that. I almost feel ready for Winter.. These Autumn days aren't so nice, they're stuffy and humid. Well today is and I don't appreciate it. Yesterday was so sunny and it made me so happy, but those days come around less often. (Did they ever come about often here in the UK). I've also just come back from Croatia and I miss it dearly. I hate admitting that we didn't spend long enough there but we didn't! And the days we had there were so perfect and magical. Exploring the coast, sunbathing next to the clear sea. Dancing the nights away in an abandoned fort. Boat parties surrounded by the sea with the sunsetting. I could go on and on, and I'm sure I will when I get the photos developed from the trip. But alas now I am back home, for a while now. I realised with Tom yesterday we might not be going on another plane until we head off for travelling. How scary is that?! We really don't have much time till the adventure begins ^-^ Ok so maybe I've talked enough for today. I've missed typing. I just wrote a post in my diary and its not the same. It takes to long to string out a sentence it's not as pure as how I think in my head. :) Ok well here are some photos from my phone from the month of August.
 Sheltering from the rain
 Jacob convinced he's coming on holiday with us
Ey avocado!
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