Monday, 30 November 2015

Film: October/November 2015

Finally getting round to writing this post. Mainly because my laptop has been at Tom's the past few days and now I happen to be here with it, with some spare time. The weather outside is atrocious and it's really not making my mood much better. I'm slightly worried about cycling anywhere because the wide is gale-force and I don't think across the barrage would be the best place to test that, plus we're getting heavy rain throughout the day so by the time I get to work I'll be soaked. Which is fun but very challenging. Oh well, I guess it is Winter (still 13 degrees though boo). Today is my 4th evening shift out of 5. I'm finding them ok mainly because I haven't had a very busy shift yet.. I still prefer mornings though without a doubt. This weekend coming up is mine and Tom's trip to Bath, for our anniversary. I'm really excited but because it's not somewhere abroad I can't get into my organising state of mind, I guess I do still have all week, but we need to pack and I need to put the finishing touches on my present to him. It should be nice though (so long as this storm lets up). I'm just looking forward to exploring somewhere new with him, and buying lots of cute things from the Christmas stalls. I have Wednesday and Thursday off this week which is nice, the same days off as Tom so I'm looking forward to spending it with him, and hopefully doing some Christmas shopping. For the rest of my day now (I have 2 hours to kill until my shift) I think I should do some French. I've stopped doing it frequently and I feel terrible!! I have no excuse dammit. Ok I'm done with my update writing etc etc. 
These photos are all from nights out taken on my Diana Mini. I love having a jam-packed film of so many different days! 

DJ Hazard:
 Bonobo in Motion:
 Moodymann in London:
 Drumcode Halloween:
 London House Party:
 Bonfire Night in Penarth:
 The Foals:
 DJ Zinc @ Vaults:
Me and Lily atm :

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Film: September/October 2015

Hello :) The other day I got two films developed (yay) so I have two posts to write, one being this one. I'm not really in the mood to type to be honest, I'm more eager to put some photos into my Diana Mini book, and I have an itching feeling I should do some French because I haven't since Saturday :( Today has been a good productive day. I've tidied my room, washed my hair and just ate my home grown red pepper for lunch, yum. 
These photos are taken between September and October - but  mostly from October I think. And taken on the lovely Minolta. 
I'll be posting my other film soon! 
 Cycling to Penarth..
Sunny walks round Penarth..
 Good Morning! Second day in London..
 Heading off to Drumcode Halloween..

Monday, 23 November 2015

Film: Llangennith 2015

Hey, I know I said I would write this post on Saturday but I got super distracted getting ready for an event and ended up not doing much at all. But now I am back home after a fun weekend, I've had the day off today to chill and laze about, and now I'm going to crack on with some things.
These photos are from the same film as the last post (X-Pro film) and are also from July. Me and Tom went on a 3 day/2 nights camping trip to Llangennith in the Gower. It was so much fun and I've done a similar post with photos from my digital camera. I'm sure it'll pop up on the page somewhere. These are from my Minolta, enjoy :)
I also have 2 more films to share with you. So look out for more posts.
Lots of love
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