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Film: December 2015

Hi! I'm really happy that I'm able to do this blog post today. It's actually really nice knowing that I have photos to post, one thing I hate is being in a dead block where I have no photos to post but I want to write (sucky). I've just cycled back from Penarth and its so refreshing, in the past 4 days I've cycled to and from Penarth 5 times!! That's great right. I'm really trying to stick to my New Years resolution to cycle whenever possible. Today I have work in the evening, which is ok I guess. I don't really enjoy the shifts as much as my morning shifts, but I do appreciate the extra four hours sleep. 
Right I'll get on with the post. I really liked all these photos. December was a good month! I spent a lot of time with the girls, went to random nights out and had Aggie working with me for a few weeks. Also there are some pictures from NYE which was a blast. Happy happy memories ♥ ♥  These photos are taken on my Diana Mini. Enjoy peeps and I'll try write soon but in order to do so I MUST KEEP SNAPPING 
 Christmas Day at work:
 Present swapping..
 At Student Union (NYE)
 At Lakehouse (NYE)

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