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Marriott Awards Party 2016

Hey!! I know I haven't posted in a while, so I'm super glad I have some photos to share with you today :) 
Sunday we had our Awards Party in work. I had been asked to take photos again so at the start I took photos of everyone walking in and then a few in the reception. Then when everyone was seated I took photos of all the tables, and then again when the awards were being handed out. It was a lot of fun and you'll never guess what!! I won an award!!!! Me!? I couldn't believe it! For Front of House Service's. Which basically means (I think) that I get good customer feedback. I'm so happy, its so nice to feel like your hard work is appreciated, let alone noticed!! It made me feel so happy to be working with Marriott. On top of that our department won another 3 awards! Go us! 2015 was a great year and I can't wait to work even harder this year :) 
In other news I'm going London tomorrow with Tom to go see the Lion King! It shall be so much fun I really can't wait. Also Mutiny is this Friday and a whole group of us are going up and staying with Ruba and Reem afterwards, I can't wait to take loads of photos!! That's pretty much it for this month.
It's much colder now and I really like it, today is beautiful blue sky and I managed to fit in a cycle from Penarth. Later I'm going to pop over Rose's to help her with her art project. I should really stop typing and try get a move on with this post. Ok!!! I'm going to try and have more photos to post soon, hoping to get through some film rolls :)
Lots of Love
Our team :)

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