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Photography A Levels

Hi guys! I'm in the process of doing a clear out in my room and I felt it was time to say goodbye to my photography books. It's difficult because although I will very likely never need them or go through them, they do hold a lot of hard work and I would say good pictures, but I've taken out all the pictures I liked from them haha. So they're looking relatively plain anyways. I thought instead of just chucking them away and never ever having any recollection of what they hold, I take picture of a few of the pages from each and chuck them in a post. I also tried to sum up my project ideas but to be honest their quite vague. Landscapes and people seem to be the common theme. Enjoy :)

Unit One: Movement Through A Landscape

Unit Two: Linking Nature and Emotions

Unit Three: Transforming Landscapes

Unit Four: Photographing People In Their Environments

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