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What I Did In December

Hello! Happy New Year! I feel as though I've been putting off doing posts but actually I haven't really found the time. So here I am in my room, with the rain clattering down all around me. I was going to cycle to meet Tom in about an hour but this rain is too much! And plus I should really get on with what I need to do. 

Hmm I'm not really in the mood to type today, I feel stuffy, but its probably because I have my lights on because it is already dark :( I had a lovely New Years if you were wondering. I stayed completely sober for it as well, which I feel like I've been pointing out a lot (I'm not going to mention it anymore). But yes I had a great time dancing throughout the night. We spent midnight getting suffocated in a queue, but managed to see the fireworks display which was lovely. So yasss. 

I have a few posts in need of doing. I feel like doing some sort of 2015 year summary post but I'm not quite sure how. Maybe a "What I Did In 2015" kind of post. Sounds good? Stay tuned lol. I also used up a film on my Diana Mini and I have those photos to share on here which is great. But for now here are some photos I took in December.
Much love
 Forever growing map!
 Christmas Day...
 Lily :)
 Present swapping
 Rose's presents to us
 Best hoodie ever!!
 Catch up..
Cool wine holder I got Tom's mum
Me atm (hi)

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