Saturday, 27 February 2016

Film: February 2016

Another day, another post. 

This week I have another weekend off! I couldn't believe it!! This morning I woke up in my room to the daylight and eventually stretched out of bed. After sitting around eating breakfast with my mum, I got ready, hoovered my room and headed off to give my London film to the photo lab to be developed. Back home I sat and read for a while. The book I'm reading (The Buried Giant) is so lovely. It's about this elderly couple who live in a time around the Saxons, but there are giants, dragons and ogres. It's more about their relationship and their travels, and its so lovely. I really like well written books, that make you think about your own life. So I read that for a bit and then went off to collect my photos. Now I've scanned them in and have them ready to show you :)

These are from my weekend in London (last week) me and Agnese went to a party Friday night and then spent Saturday in Brixton and the evening dancing to some Disco in Shoredich. I had a really nice time and it's always lovely spending some time with Agnese. 

I'll be posting again soon! Tis drawing to the end of February so I'll have a month post and also a post of my Instagram pics throughout "winter". 
Lots of Love
Wine on the face
 Aggie can't find her coat!
 Brixton :)
 Spot the face in the wall

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