Monday, 1 February 2016

What I Did In January

Hey! Feeling productive today and it's the start of a new month!! I feel like I did so much in January which is great!! Hmm. I feel like I'm so terrible at writing lately. I've been going through a few of my 2014 posts and I love them so much. I took my DSLR out so much and took so many cute and unique photos. I'm not saying my film cameras aren't great (they are) but I do miss taking pics on a digital camera and having posts to constantly make about my day to day life. I will try harder I promise! Saying all that I did just realise I have a few pictures from my DSLR to share. Just a few random ones :) Also me and Tom are going to go halves on a new Digital camera around March so we will defo be taking more photos together (out on walks etc) I can't wait :D 

These photos are from my iPhone, over the month of January. Enjoy and I'll post again soon!

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